How to Create a Link Blog like the Rainbow

ink (Article Title, Label / Catagori) Blog comrades will change color like a Ferris (Rainbow) if the above link we put the cursor, for example: try a friend put the cursor on this blog links. : r

With links such as the Rainbow will make a colorful fellow blog: z
Maybe everyone already knows what a rainbow or a Ferris is an optical and meteorological phenomena in the form of multicolored light parallel to each other that looks at the sky or any other medium. In the sky, a rainbow appears as an arc light with a tip leads to the horizon at some time light rain. Rainbow also can be seen around the rushing waterfall. encyclopedia

How to Create a Link Blog like Rainbow:
1. Log in to Blogger with friend ID.
2. On the Dashboard page, we select Layout.
3. Then select Edit HTML
4. Check the Expand Widget Templates
5. Find the code:  
6. Copy-Paste the following code, the code above the

<script src=''></script>
7.  Save Template comrades if completed
8. Try to see the result on Blog friend, how friends put the mouse over the link / title of the article must have the color of his writing changed - changed as the Rainbow

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  1. Kelihatannya asyik tuh Link berganti-ganti warna :#

  2. pingin homepage kaya blog-renovasi caranya gimana gan?


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