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This time I will share with friends to get doubled by installing Widget BackLink in our Blog for Free, friends may believe should not,
because I also gained a new join so have not felt the results, in addition to the requirements are very light and free, we only obligated to post the contents of the article to our Plipeo send links to Plipeo
If no one catch me how it works, as we visit each other because visiting fellow Blogger Widget that we can and plug in the Blog will be featuring a blog-blog fellow members who joined in Plipeo or with other words such as ads for each of our Blog Widget Refres then the Banner will display a different 

So I shared with a friend, and it does not hurt us to try 

  • How ...... Interested ...... FREE list » here Try comrades look at figure-1 in addition, there are listed the requirements, how it works and do not forget to fill in the appropriate data blog friends, friends that everything was content press send - Your application has been approved, please press OK to continue 
  • The next friend to see a display like the picture-2 in addition to script code that will take a friend pairs in each blog. 
  • Here friends can change the settings Script Code, if the original width of 140px Banner, or change the background and so forth 
  • Make a post about Plipeo and send them links to start sending the next post, which every day are allowed to send a friend post a maximum of 5 Articles 
More please friends to see and read it there and to meet in Plipeo 

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8 komentar pada : “Get BackLink by joining Plipeo”

  1. Plipeo adalah website paling berguna untuk mencari backlink berkualitas, terutama buat yang sedang mengikuti kontes SEO Peluang Bisnis Online Tanpa Ribet mengingat pentingnya backlink sebagai penunjang terindexnya web/blog kita di search enggine.

  2. wah.. tak coba!!! tpi free gk nie kang,,..???

  3. saya kan udah daftar dan udah ngeposting, nah pas saya logout dan mau login lagi kok diminta password ya mas? padahal waktu daftar enggak diminta pasword

  4. @catatanlinuxku benar kawan, kalau login lagi kita mengisi url dan password :z


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